i am SO obsessed wif huan zhu ge ge!!! juz ytd, i made my mum buy for me d vcd(part 1).but too bad dun have part 2…but part 3 sux…dat “xiao yan zi” is too ‘mature’. lol…dun even noe wat im toking about.

oh yah…so its d first dae of school for term 3…we finish our physics lessons last term, so d nx 2 terms we r gonna do biology… btw, do u noe dat we have a 40 yr old feotus is our school biology lab??? how cool is dat??? and hooray! we changed our maths teacher…but dunno whether more or less fierce den our previous maths teacher…hope she’s betta…haha.

haix, i really dun understand my school lar! lyk y do dey have to change d timetable EVERY SINGLE TERM!!!
its lyk…wah kao lar! finally get used to d old timetable, den suddenly have a new one…
headache already lar…

oh well, wanna go watch me new vcd..bb peeps


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