juz came back from swimming lesson…n d swimming coach actually RMBed to bring d swimming cap!! hahaha….and…argghh some water went up my nose..n some went into my windpipe!! doreen lahh over there laugh laugh laugh..den make me laugh oso…hai ren jing..=D….im tired now..n my shoulders are aching!! stupid freestyle…but its quite fun..hahaha i wanna learn d butterfly stroke..n dolphin!! so cool!!! hahaha..nvm, its all in a matter of time…he cant keep teaching us freestyle now can he?? actually, he can..but quite boring sia..ok, i feel idiotic..like im talking to myself…hahaha wadeva..
guzheng grading exam in a few wks..damn nervous lahhh!! didnt do too well last yr..dis yr muz well..i will work hard!! after exam we’ll be having lessons wif d sec 3s..ohno…which means he’ll be choosing d performing grp ppl!!! argghhhh!! i sooooo wanna go into d performing grp!!! can learn so many nice nice songs!! like feng shou luo gu..n sai ma!!! n nan er dang zi qiang!! n hai yun!! n dat impression of korban festival song!! argghhh so many nice songs!!! i wan to learn all!!! so muz JIA YOU!! I CAN DO IT!! i hope…haha..aniwayzz, shall SLP now..hehe


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