whoa..ytd was a rather fun day! went to costa sands resort downtown east for class chalet+bbq..played waterbomb while sum ppl started d bbq..got quite wet..but doreen was wetterXD..so we went to d bbq fire in a desperate attempt to get dry..haha after i had my dinner, my mum called..so i went out to d main gate n went to singapore indoor stadium watch notre dame de paris..whoaa..so cool lor..n so fun..den dey sing d songs all in french(i tink!) but got eng n chi subtitles..den sum of them were dancing on a supa high platform..like wanna fall down like dat..c already scared…hahaha. after d musical we went geylang lor 9 eat dinner…at 11PM+! late dinner…haha..eat until so full..den went hm n slp lerr…

ok, dat was d happy + fun part..dere were many down parts ytd too..first..supposed to meet doreen n xin hua at doreen’s hs busstop..den i took bus 76 n stopped at d stop opp her busstop..den halfway down d bus my stupid sandal strap broke..so i called my mum..den i oso dunno how to describe where dat busstop is..den my mummy so angry wif me lor…and i changed into my shoes..which she brought for me. went to meet doreen n xin hua after dat..n took cab to d chalet..at d chalet sumting happened which i shall not write down..as its too confusing n difficult to put it down in words..haha, so after bbq i went main gate to wait for parents..den my mother called me n asked issit costa sands east coast or pasir ris? den cuz doreen told me is pasir ris cuz east coast closed down ler or dunno wat lah..so i told my mum pasir ris lahh..den later she found out is actually d downtown east de..den she over there scold me..say i very stupid…took every resolve i had to not cry..but dat nite reach hm d time, went into my rm to charge my hp..den gor gor came into my rm n suddenly pull my ear, call me off d toilet light..off den off lahh no nd pull ear ritee..so unfair lorr aniting wrong den pull pull pull..he like to pull so much den go pull his own ear lahhh..idiot lorr..i dun like ppl pull my ear..so pain lahh summore his strength so muchh! den in d end i went to my bed n cried..not bcuz of him only..but bcuz of everyting dat happpened dis past yr..life juz isnt fair..nuting’s going rite for me n like EVERYTING dat goes wrong is MY fault! even if it isnt..yah, if its my fault den i get scolded den its ok lahh..but when its not my fault I also get scolded lorr!! n i hate being wronged! it wld probably be better if i juz didnt exist here..or aniwhere else….hahaa..

Ok, shall stop here, wat was supposed to be a happy post turned out…sad..haha..

n dun worry..im not suicidal=D


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