hmm..was abit bored juz decided to do some more tests..below are the results..and websites haf been provided..XD..hahaha..
How to tell someone that you love them?
You Need A Third Party..
You have no idea at all about how to tell the one that you have fallen in love with. It’s safe to say that asking a friend for help is your best solution to get started.
The Third Eye
You are scared of being cheated on by others and don’t want to be disappointed. That’s why you seem to be contented with unrequited love.
How do you choose your soulmate?
The decisions you have made indicates your criteria in choosing your soulmate.More important matters come first on the list below: 1. Love 2. Appearance 3. Education 4. Money
The Smiling Elephant
You are happiest when you’re with someone you like. Even zookeepers would have trouble figuring out why an elephant was smiling! In other words, the answer you chose is a true reflection of what would make you happy at this moment. Imagine what would put a smile on your face–and make it a reality.
Which colors do you like most?
Here is how you prioritize certain aspects of your life.More important matters come first on the list below: 1.Friends and relationships 2.Marriage 3.Passion 4.Death 5.Career
Journey to the Real You
Here is the analysis:You have 10 true friends. You will have 1 true love before getting married. It is your work ethic that you rest for just a minute. Here is the description of your ideal mate: “handsome,cute”. ——- is the person you will never get over for the rest of your life. You give 98% in a relationship. (i left out the name…duh!haha=D)


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