juz had steamboat for dinner..to celebrate my mum’s bday…hahaha..right now, im drinking a glass of wine…but this whole scene seems wrong..we shld be on d beach or sumting…looking at d sunrise/sunset…okk..crapping…anihow..yeahh ive got wine!!

okk back to da real world…every1’s in d living rm watching lord of the rings *bleahx* borrringggg….tv on so loud summore….chao si ren le…..hahahaha…

haf to go yishun tml…cant wait!…(yeah rite..)…haha no dun get me wrong..not dat i dun wanna go…its juz dat its so farr awayyyyy…really damn lazy to gooo!!! argghhh

hmm..sis standing bside me waiting to use com…she read d part abt d wine n beach scene..n asked if i was drunk…..

Im NOT drunk!


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