went yishun today…nuting fun there…shall skip that n spare u d agony of reading it…haha
after dat went holland village to eat/play/discuss my grandma’s birthday party on d 23rd dec…ate yu pian mi fen n discussed first…sonjia bradley n me are supposed to put together d powerpoint slides….hmmm…..gd luck to us..haha..after dat went to settler’s cafe to play games…we played Cranium…wa lao ehh..laugh till stomachepain lorr!! there was this part where my grp(me, my sis, my sis bf) landed on Star Performer..n d card we drawed required sum1(my sis) to act out the person written on the card..can talk or sing but cannot say names or places…so my sis was the person whu was to act out..when she started she juz said “Oh Oh!” n i immediately shouted out “TELETUBBIES!!”…haha dat was cuz my sis HAD to sing d teletubbies song to me b4 i went to bed at nite when i was younger…hahahaa….okkk its like 12plus am in d mornign ler…im gonna slp!! *yawn*


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