oh my…dis is so scaryy!! i was thinking a few days ago abt d story of king arthur and how he pulled d sword out of d rock/stone…only i couldnt rmb dat it was king arthur and wat d story was called n wateva…den juz now i went to my blog n played d beauty and the beast – something there..n at d back dey were actually TALKING abt dat story lor..i was like..oh no..dis sounds so familiar…OH ITS DAT STORY I WAS THINKING OF A FEW DAYS AGO!! scary scary…hahaha

aniway..tmr gonna watch the nativity story wif sum church ppl…at vivocity GV! hahaha..yehh..
den nx wk monday to thursday haf YOUTH CAMP!!! haha cant wait..only im gonna leave on thursday morning for cca…=(..lucky thursday dun haf much things to do at youth camp..so i wun miss out much..BUT if i dun go cca i’ll miss out on alot!!! cuz prob. gonna learn nan er dang zi qiang as i said b4..haha..prioritiess…*bleahx*..but im beginning to like zheng3..haha…


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