ahhhh!! was browsing through sum songs in my computer.n i came across sum ddr songs…i MISS my ps1 DDR!! i wanna playyyyyy!! hahaha..i rmb last time when we had d mats..den i wld play it wif my bro!! but of course he pro lahh..but sumtimes i win his frens!! hahahahaah..i miss it sooo muchhh!!

aniway..my sis actually said dat my tan looked nice….which is a gd thing..but its a HUGE sacrifice…ur face n shoulders look supa red n is damn pain for abt 2 or 3 days..den d face starts to peel..followed by d shoulders..so u go arnd looking damn damn ugly for a couple of days…i didnt even feel like going out lor..not dat i could lah..but i meant out as in go for tuition dat kind of out..cuz dat required taking a bus..so yah…hahaa..but yayy..my face not peeling animoree!! my shoulders n arms are still flaking..abitttt only..so not so bad…hahahahaha

yayy..i can finally c my cbox again!! haha..n yayy..my msn’s finally working after abt 2 days!!haha


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