haizz…its 11+pm now..juz came back from fele n cas’s hs…so fun..hahaha..supposed to go there to watch tapes de..den stayed for dinner…den after dat phoned my mum to pick me up after 11pm..den watched bai wan bao n cong shang yun xiao there..during commercial breaks fele was taking pictures of me n cas…haha damn funny…we were making act cool n cute poses…hahaha..later will post d pictures..haizz..

sort of “quarrelled” wif deb again…not in d mood to elaborate now…its juz dat when i was feeling down n angry at sumting..n i was complaining to her…she actually made sarcastic remarks…..i was like..wa lao lor…ppl angry already she still make sarcastic remarks…make me huo shang jia huo…irritating…arghhh..i hate it when i quarrel wif my frens…i hate d atmosphere when we’re tgt after a quarrel(b4 we patch up)..i hate it when we’re tgt but we dun talk…i hate it hate it hate it!!! im sorry..its juz dat im feeling a little cranky this few days…haizzz…wats wrong wif me??? i seem to b losing my temper quite often…….i cant stand it!


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