current song: DDR-Boom Boom Dollar (yes, i miss d ddr mats!)

hahas..i lurffe dis song..esp in d starting when d guy says BOOM BOOM BOOM BOOM, MONEY FUNNY IN DOLLAR.. damn cool lor….but i still prefer ddr-butterfly…haaa..ok nvm..
haizz..juz came back from sch…walked from serangoon north all d way to lorong ah soo…sianz…hahaha..den in d new sch we sang songs n everything..den went to d classrms to do sum admin stuffs…in short, it was a boring day…
den after sch ended, me fele n cas went to eat lunch…gor gor smsed me n asked hw was d walk n whether i had any cramps..n i was like..huh?!?! where got ppl walk until haf cramps de…hahahaha…den after lunch we went hm le…
later still haf to memorise d korban song…ytd memorised nan er dang zi qiang lers…
die..i dun even noe if tmr haf cca anot…haizz…


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