i went to bed last nite wanting to haf a gd nite’s slp…and not wake up till i dunno wat time…quite late?? hahaa..
but dat wasnt meant to b…sum1 decided to slam d hs gate supa supa loudly n i woke suddenly woke up…i looked at my watch n went “WTH! 6.30am?? ohno! do i haf to go sch?? shiit y didnt i rmb to set my alarm last nite?? OH YAH! today saturday, dun nd go sch..yay” so i tried to go back to slp..this was followed by another slam on d gate..
so i said forget it..i shall juz slp…abt 5-10 mins later..when i ALMOST fell aslp..my sis decided to come into our rm n switch on d lite..n stare at d mirror dunno doing wat…den she went out of d rm n offed d lite..
so i was like..ok..get lost lahh..n den a few mins later she came up again..onned(is there such a word? wateva) d lite n laid on her bed n started reading d damned newspaper..
since my lite’s brightness was adjustable, i shouted at her ” JIE! CAN U DUN MAKE D LITE SO BRIGHT?? PPL WANT TO SLP LOR!” n sum other stuff dat i cant really rmb…n my sis came to my bed n hugged me n said sumting dat i oso cant rmb…
n in my head i was thinking: juz shuddup n let me go slp can??? dis is d only day day i can wake up late lor! juz let d girl haf sum slp can????
n so i covered my entire body wif my blanket(quilt), n went to slp…finally! n woke up at d glorious hour of 11.11am=D


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