back from cell…n i juz did d stupidest thing!! no.1 on benita’s list of regrets: leaving my cell notes in nigel’s hs!! argghhh.. i cant believe im dat absentminded/forgetfull!! maybe i do haf alcheimers(however u spell that) disease…:( haa…
n d best thing is..i juz decided to write sum supa personal things regarding my christian life on dat set of notes!! im juz afraid dat sum1 will read it…n i dun wan ANIONE to read it!!!! arghhh…im at a lost now!! i reminded myself so many times to rmb to bring it hm..but i still forgot…y didnt i juz put it into my pocket?? why why why?? argghhh..

cca dis afternn…not too bad…played korban…played d kuai ban twice, first time i got lost at d middle…second time i sort of got lost for like 1 or 2 bars..but i managed to find d correct notes n play it proparly for d rest of d song=) yay..haa..korban is d nicest song eva…even while im playing it..esp d kuai ban..i can juz feel d adrenaline(or wateva) rushing through my body..making me feel so excited..though nervous cuz i mite make a mistake..aniway its complicated…haa..
tan lao shi said dat if he found dat ani of us werent gd enuf to play for syf den he wld take us out of syf performing grp n put us in d sec 3s lesson…n i dun wann dat to happen to me!!! so i shall practise hard..=D which means yay, im technically in d syf performing grp now…=D=D

aniway.audrey’s coming online soon…she said she’s got sumting to tell me..sumting dat might make me feel….well..hurt..i guess i sort of can guess wat she’s gonna say..after all i suppose i haf been living in self-dillusion all this time…i dont really wanna hear wat she wants to say..but at d same time i noe dat sum1 muz wake me up from this self-dillusion thingg…help me..

(YAYY=D! turns out dat i actually accidentally left my cell notes in audrey’s bag=D heehee…seriously…!) but aniway…THX AUDREYYY=D


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