juz helped audrey remake her cbox…

it sucked:)

sry, im not d expert in tagbox colour coordinating…cas is…haizzz…

aniway…juz read finish My Sister’s Keeper….it was v nice!!

i cried..yes..i noe, but im a sucker for sad stories…even though its sad and all and it makes me cry..but i still like them..=) haa..dun ask me y i cried..i mean..hey..i even cried while reading The Clay Marble………

and i cried while watching Green Forest, My Home...during d first few eps too…hahaa…

but nvm..i lurve them:D

ok, this has turned out to b a crap post…enuf of d sad parts..

guzheng ytd:D:D:D:D
loved it..
cant wait for nx wks lesson:)
i hope i dun get kiked out…
i WONT get kiked out!
not if i can help it, dat is…


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