prayer wk for yckc this wk…
daddy signed our family up for ytd’s 6-7pm timeslot..
me n my parents n my brother n michelle jie jie(char went out..) prayed tgt…

started off wif singspiration…den read a passage in d bible..n den we used d prayer guide to pray…
first up was d personal aspect of our lives…we went in a when it was my turn, i prayed for my spiritual life n all…
nx was our family…i prayed for: my gugu’s n uncles n cousins…for michelle jie jie’s nephews who were in d hospitol in phillipines…n prayed for jie jie lovely(i started crying at dis point..really badly…gor gor had to comfort me..well actually i already started crying b4 dat..but it juz got worst when i got down to praying for her…which makes me reallise how much i miss her…:'(..ok shalll not say animore, lest i get all teary n emo again..)
third was for d missions..i prayed for d ppl in those areas..n for d yckc ppl going there too..cant really rmb wat else..haa
lastly was for our church n singapore…i prayed for our leaders n all…..
n den we sang one last song…
we got into overtime…n ended at 7.30 instead..haa..nvmm…

sch today…boring…except during eng class..when sum1 was telling a “ghost” story…mrs koh suddenly screamed for fun(to scare us, i suppose), n den we screamed too…n started laughing at ourselves…hahaaa..

looking forward to friday..CCA! hee..shall practise laterr


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