came back at abt 7pm from guzheng today…
woo! it was greatt! but tan lao shi made us play d kuai ban of kuerban quite fast(although not so fast to d sec4’s n all..but still quite fast for us:))…it was…very..woww! haa
n yehh! nx guzheng lesson is nx tuesdayy! dun haf to wait for another wk=D!!cant wait cant wait!! IM IN LOVE!!! WITH KUERBAN!!!
n yeh..we finally we haf a second song for syf! gonna play han tian lei=(…do we really haf to??? quite sian of dat song liao leh…last yr keep playing dat song…ohwells..tan lao shi said its diff from d score in d bk…so it shld b nicerr=)…
gonna learn another song nx wk for chinese new yr celebration…whoa…very bz…arghh..wonder wat song dat it…hmm…haa

aniwayy..tmr going malaysia…for a wedding…not looking forward to d longg car ride though..but then, im sitting in d same car as fele n cas=D so not so least can tok..or slp…wadeva..haa..which reminds me..haf to try n find d felicia chin 8days for fele…hahaaa


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