arrghhh! does she haf to do this every single SATURDAY morning?????
char came back at 6.30AM on a SATURDAY morning!! as if dats not enuf..she slammed d doors too….like wth lahh…ppl want to slp wan lor…even worse..she took up d newspapers n plugged herself onto d bed and started reading…so mei you gong de xin lor….
i tok to her she oso dun ans me…wth lah..she angry oso dun nd fa xie on me rite…
so in d end i juz gathered my pillow bolster n blanket n went out of rm(i found a certain satisfaction in “slamming” d door too…except it wasnt as hard/loud as hers…) n went to popo’s rm to slp…
n she spoiled my plans!!! i was so happy when she didnt come hm last nite lor..cuz i wanted to move my guzheng up to my rm n practise for awhile…n den she suddenly decided to come back at 6.30am in d morning…which means she’s gonna b in bed until dunno wat time…..ARRGHHHH!
nvm..tuesday tuesday tuesday tuesday..plss hurry come!!
aniway…so monday i shall quick rush to tuition…n den come back n lock myself in my rm n practise guzheng!!=D
dunno y..but i cant seem to proparly practise downstairs…wif so many ppl looking….abit bu hao yi si bahh..hahaa..


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