sry..been too bz d past few days to update…haa..

aniway…went jue dui superstar grand finals on sunday…wah eardrums were like ready to burst lah…it was supa supa loud!! and i wore a white shirt+blue skirt…n i looked like a daren fan lor!! argghhh! no, im not a daren fan…im a DIYA fan!! hahahaa..even though she least she’s d female champ=) ,she’s still d best okk…n actually she sings better den daren lor..come on..she won like 3 out of d 5 rounds in d grand finals!! arghhh…hope a company will quick sign her up..den can cr8 album! hahaa..
den at d grand finals..i wanted to buy d diya poster which costs only $1…and my sis(she insisted dat she wont haf a diya poster in our rm without a daren poster too…) decided to buy a daren poster too… we each bought one=D n they’re both nicely pasted up on my rm wall, nx to my ginormous S.H.E poster=D…hahahaha

sum very random stuffs:

hmm..sumting is wrong wif my blogskin…shall change it soon…waiting for audrey to finish decorating it=D…hahahahaaa…

haf to memorise han tian lei n xin nian ge song by tmr…memorised xin nian ge already..later gonna memorise han tian lei..haizz…..hahahaa..

ep 12 of hana kimi is soooo nice!!!!!! arghhh!! soo touching=D hahahaa..

WUZUN is hott!!

sat nx to her today during prefects installation..she sort of like dao-ed when i talked to her n stuff…wonder if i did sumting wrong…i hate this feeling..we were all such gd frens..but we seemed to b getting further n further away from each other…i hate it..i really reason y i dun like making frens dat much..i dun wan to experience dat kind of feeling when we meet each other in d future n we juz ignore each other..i guess dats y i try to hang on to past n present friendships..haiz…
im not trying to make myself sound like d victim..i noe u haf ur own troubles..
argghh! y is almost everyone in my life sounding suicidal?????? help me..


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