woo..been quite bz..no time to blog…hahaa..
aniwayy..ytd was cny concert in sch…d first part(for d sch) was quite…
cuz of d han tian lei lahh..it was quite messed up..hahahaa..n den everybody sort of ended at different timings for dat song…haizz..hahahaa..
n den afterdat..i ALMOST kena kik out of performing grp…so scaryy lor..but i was on d second chance list..so i muz jiayohh…ahhhhhhh!! i will do my bestt!
nx performance..on 3rd march..haizz n den on 23rd march got sum mini syf(i tink!) n den after dat is full devotion to SYF lerr!! ahhhh!! xi wang i can last until then…

dagugu winson n wilson gor gor came to my hs last nite to deliver sum stuff..showed them d 2 dresses i bought…both dagugu n winson say d blue dress nicer…but i thought d red dress was nicer…had a super debate wif myself juz now…really couldnt decide which one to wear tmr…n den i consulted audrey..n she thought dat d red one was nicer too=D ahaahahah!! n so i finally decided..now for d shoes..wat shall i wearr??? argghhh!! headache lahhh!!

waiting for 10.30pm to come..abt another 15 mins more only..haizz…gonna watch d cny eve celebration/countdown or sumting like dat on chn 8…char said dat her daren gonna perform…i hope DIYA will perform too..ahhh!! aniway..she’s gonna appear on d ren ci charity show!!! ahhahaa muz watch!! haizz..

fele said dat i was too excited for cny…hmm..but i dun tink so lehh..hhaa i tink its getting pretty much boring…since i was born, i’ve been wearing like cheena cheena clothes every chinese new yr..up till like when i was pri sumting..pri 4 or 5…it seems quite…err..now when i think of it..hahaa..n when i say cheena, i mean like those kind of qipao n all…arghhh!! n den as d yrs went by..i switched to wearing skirts..n den dresses…hmm..i dunno wat got into me..but im more into dresses now..haaa..oso dunno y…strange..haa..lurve dresses=D..so audrey n i r gonna wear dresses to CHURCH tmr…haaa..she betta not peng seh me lor..if not so ma lu!! haa..but, she’s not dat kind of person:) i trust her=D…aniwayy…DEBORAHH!! too bad u go vietnam!! cant c me in a dress!!! ahahahahah!!!!
she so ke lian…last yr youth christmas party i couldnt go..cuz i had to go for my grandma’s bday party..n all d girls had to wear dresses to d youth party..but i wore my dress to my grandma’s bday party(hmm..confusing=D)..so deborah didnt c me in a dress:) ahahaa!! n den she went vietnam for cny..so she not going church tmrr..n so she cant c me in a dress againn! hahahaa!! ok..i sound so evil…ok, i shall stop here..i sound retarded..like im talking to myself or sumting…hmms..

whoa..sry..i didnt mean to write so much=P heeeheeXD


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