sch hols!!! but it doesnt really seem like it..since i haf to go back to sch for cca=D during d hols…ahhhh!! i half like half dun like..hahahaa…got alot of hw to finish too…argghh!
results were quite bad..but i still cant believe i got an A2 for my chinese!!!! omg..i was stunned for a few seconds when i saw it…wahh first time leh…hahaa..but then d rest of d subj sucked…haizz..muz JIAYOH nx term!! JIAYOH for guzheng..n JIAYOH for studies=D i can do it! hahaa..

aniway…new blogskin…cas n i both decided to change our blogskins last nite..i picked 1 hua yang shao nian shao nu blogskin n 1 other blogskin..cas picked 2 nice blogskins..i decided to use d hua yang shao nian shao nu wan first..n change to d other one when i got bored of it..cas had a harder time…cuz both of hers were sooo nice..she couldnt decide wat to pick..i tried to help her..but d more i looked at it d more i fell in love wif them… in d end i took one of them..n cas took d other…hahaa..but i still LOVE hua yang shao nian shao nu!!!!

aniway…talking bout hua yang…my sister decided to watch hua yang at d glorious hr of 4plus am in d morning..on d dvd player in our rm…actually i oso dunno wat time she started..but she was watching ep 11 at 5am when i woke up…so i started watching wif her…ahhaa…cuz i wanted to watch ep 12XD


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