hmm…ice skating tmr postponed…
is dis wat i want?? i oso dunno…abit disappointed…
but den again…oso dun really haf d mood to go…haizzz…

d following has got nuting to do wif d wat i wrote b4…its juz sum random thoughts..

sumtimes i juz feel like my frens wont b there for no matter wat happens, i haf to go through it alone…yes, dats d feeling i haf…
but i dun mean dat u guyz arent there…its juz wat i feel…sumtimes..feelings and reality is totally different…i juz wish dat dis is d case here… talking to much…sumtimes, i juz feel im mental..n not in d gd way either….or is there even aniting gd abt being mental??? forgot it..i didnt say aniting..


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