haizz..yi zhuan yan d 1 wk hols over ler..
fingers so pain now..after 1 wk of continuous playing of d guzheng….hahaa..but i liked it=D
however, i haf dis yu gan dat i will get kiked out…huishan n i had a feeling dat dey would kik ppl out ytd before/after mini syf..but in d end ne4…
mini syf performance was bad…in fact it was probably one of d worst…during debrief we even got scolded by d ldrs…haizz…really felt like we let them down…
really hope dis yr can do well in syf…if not d reputatation built up by our past seniors will b destroyed by us…we will JIAYOU!

going out to buy clothes later…den got tuition..haizz…tmr going ice-skating..
but now im not as excited for ice skating as i was last sunday…probably bcuz of dis wk’s sudden downturn of events…of maybe its juz pms….hmmm…


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