its abt 9.40pm now…n im stuck doing lit stuff wif my grp… sum debate tmr during lit lesson..hate debates….argghhh!!!

den chinese lesson got sum oral presentation or sumting……arghhh

aniwayy..tmr is a veryyyyyyy long day!! got lessons until 2plus..den 3plus got cca..until 6.30pm…den 7.30pm to 10.30pm haf to go singapore conference hall for syf rehearsal…as a result, i cant go for d tony anthony talk at church!! i wanted to go!!! but cannot…haizz…

i tink i’ll probably slp until 1pm++ on saturday afternn…considering how little slp im getting dis few days…ytd nite went out to watch titoudao wif my family…came back almost 12plusam..tmr going SCH for syf rehearsal…

haizz..haf to go discuss lit now..


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