some stories dat janel n i wrote during lessons(XD)’s a game where each person had to write 3 words, n d nx person could only see d last word dat d first person wrote…

(words that are in blue= words i wrote, words that are in red= words janel wrote)

!: There was once a little girl who was sick. She was mad and almost died. She was cremated by some ghosts. She was horrified and she fainted. She went hospital by a train. She got knocked into the ground. She shouted “Hallelujah! Thank You, Lord. Im too young!” She farted afterwards. I want to knock her head. “I am bored!” She became Hercules. He is my pet named “Konky”. “What is that?” “Monster!”He screeched. He loves screeching. i turned deaf. I hate being a nerdy teacher. He likes my eyes opened wide. I find this is so absurd! But even still, she relieved herself. Can we stop looking at me. And she died

2: There was a giant gingerbread man. He had a little lamb that loved to bite the orange which had a tail! He will start to grow a huge, smelly nose. It grew and unbuttoned his shirt that had many holes in the rose on the apple.It grew and grew and it turned bad. The guy also started relieving himself. He loved to create monstrous elephants. They poo-ed alot which frightened him or he would make himself mad. He lay in the toilet bowl. the bowl was turning extremely red!!


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