its been a super bad nite..n morning…

had a nightmare last nite…abt WOLVES!! or rather a wolve…i even dreamt of it 3 TIMES man!!! omg..damn scary can…i woke up sweating so much my bed was actually abit damp……

n in d arnd 7am…a bunch of cars were crazily honking…damn loud n noisy….woke me up..turns out that sum1 from the other block was getting married…….sis couldnt take it animore..she went down to use d com…i couldnt get to i read my bk…lol..hahaa..

aniwayy..last nite when church for gd friday service..was sitting wif audrey…man..we toked alot, n laughed alot during service..(though d general mood was kinda heavy n sad)…sumting funny happened halfway through…hahaa..


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