juz went to collect my sis’s medicine from d clinic….
as i walked there…alot of things went through my mind…1 of them:
when i grow up..IF (however, this is unlikely to happen..considering d current situation)..aniway, IF i happen to get a maid…i will NOT let her stay for more den 2 yrs…cuz i dun wan my child/ren to get to attached to her…otherwise..they might just end up like me…unable to get used to another maid…or possibly even hating the new maid…did i mention kan-bu-shun-yan-ing every single little thing she does?? well..yah now u noe..

i mean…juz lk at me…almost a yr after she’s gone…i still miss her…

dis is gonna b d first birthday dat she wun b celebrating wif me(first birthday dat i can remember…considering dat d last birthday she didnt spend wif me was probably way back when i was abt 2yrs old??)…dis yr’s birthday juz wun b d same…

ok…juz writing abt this juz makes me miss her even more…missing her laugh..her hugs..her kisses…our dancing in the kitchen…our crazy talks…me trying to help her cook dinner, n then yue-bang-yue-mang-ing…..she slping in my rm on d last wk in singapore….

i’ve long regarded her as my own family..

i wish she’ll come back sumday…dat would b d best birthday present anione could gif me…for her to b back…

Ohana means family, family means nobody gets left behind. Or forgotten…


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