today was a pretty fun dayy….hung out wif d gang..hahaa..

so they brought a cake to church….n we sang d birthday song…i blowed d candles=D n we ate! hahaaa…okkk

den we went to j8..bought presents for ME=D n den we headed to d arcade!! went long john silver to eat n den went hm….okk.i noe i make it sound very boring…oh at da pixx!!! hahaa…

sec 3 gang!!!

my pretty cake…wif val n deb

wif val n deb again!



doesnt it juz look yummy?!?!


wif audrey…(i had a sweet in my mouth! so i lked fat!!hahaa)

at the busstop..waiting for 156


*whoosh* take us away to a faraway land!!
(we’re on a plane=D)


love US!

Quan Jia Fu…(gosh. i lk fat..)
(translated: Family portrait)

we are the spastics:P


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