hahaa..went out wif family+godparents last nite…went all the way to JURONG POINT to eat dinner….hahaaa…it was quite rushed getting ready…since i ended cca at arnd 7pm! lol…so we went there to eat Billy Bombers…food there was quite good…although the servings were HUGE! HUGE! HUGE! hahaa..so aniway..we ate..
after that, everyone else were eating ice-creams(i didnt haf one as i didnt order d set-meal..), n like 10 mins later i had a surprise!! hahaa..the manager or waiter or wadeva(cant rmb his post, haha) suddenly put a plate of brownie wif a scoop of ice-cream on top..n on the ice-cream, there was a candle!!! hahaaa…so we sang my birthday song..n den i shared d ice-cream wif everyone else..hahaa
later on, there was an even better surprise!! hahaa..d same guy came out wif a tray of 6 “alcohol” cups(those kind of small cups u find at pubs to drink alcohol..) n in each of them were diff flavoured syrups..n he oso had dis drink shaking thinggy(again, that metal covered cup u find at pubs to shake all those weird alcoholic concoctions..)so aniway..he set these down at d table, n everyone could add wateva they liked to d metal thinggy(mainly d syrups lah..but the guy said ANITING u wanted…so i quickly hid d chilli n ketchup bottles..just in case my family was DAT evil..hahaa)..so they added all of the 6 syrups, abit of ice-cream n i cant rmb wat else…n water…n den everyone took turns in shaking d metal thingg…it was poured out n it lked pink…very light pink…hahaaa..i didnt think it would taste very nice..but in d end, it was quite nice actuallyy…(pictures nx time!) hahaa…

so this yrs birthday was quite fun!! had 3 celebrations..once on sat, once on sun(wif church clique), once ytd…i made wishes on those 3 occasions…n they are ALL d same…hahaaaa….cant tell u wat it is though=) hahaa..aniway…n my class sang me a birthday song today=D haaa


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