ahhh!! omgg i still cant believe it!!!!! we got GOLD WITH HONOURS for syf!!!!!!!!
hahaa..it wasnt dat bad actually….i was relatively calm during d competition=D but we really didnt expect gold with honours….hahaaaa…..it was a pleasant surprise=D

oh yah..we saw ailing and lileng today….omg, they were so cool can?? they were in nanyang jc…and the played saima!!!! it was nice!! hahaaa…saw alot alot of seniors todayyy….

d competition itself wasnt dat bad…it was d results that were killing us….we were all sitting there holding(grabbing!) hands…totally expecting to get a silver or sumting…n den d announcer was over there..thanking d judges, our sch(for providing d guzheng zheng jias(stands)) and a whole lot of other ppl….n keeping us in suspense at d same time….

i wish today didnt end so fast….it was fun…


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