Ella挑電眼男 狂親吳尊 [图]

S.H.E上CHANNEL[V]「我愛黑澀會」擔任評審,Ella(圖左)被美眉們逼問與吳尊的感情,她笑說,自己還曾在網路看過兩人的合成婚紗照呢,但他們真的一直都是好朋友,「我現在可是發片藝人,沒空談戀愛的!」不過,當製作單位要Ella在5張只露出眼睛的照片中,選出最愛的電眼男人時,Ella使用刪除法,結果一一淘汰了黃志瑋、吳宗憲、郭彥均、藍正龍,最後竟然還是選中了吳尊,Ella搞笑對著照片裡的吳尊邊親邊說:「阿尊尊,I miss you so much!」S.H.E、飛輪海昨天還不約而同代言飲料,記者會時間互撞,Selina開玩笑嗆聲:「當然是我們的茶會賣得比較好,喝茶的年齡層那麼廣!」她手上突然出現新的大鑽戒,只可惜非前男友羅志祥所送,「是我們董事長夫人買的啦!」(文/林淑娟、張釔泠 圖/黃柏榮、CHANNEL[V])http://www.libertytimes.com.tw/2007/new/apr/27/today-show13.htm
When SHE went and attended Channel V programme, Wo Ai Hei Se Hui, as judges, Ella was asked by the girls on her relationship with Chun. She laughed and said that she had even seen the photoshopped wedding pictures of the both of them when she was online, but she stressed that the both of them have really only been good friends. She said, “right now, I’m in the process of releasing our album, there is no time for me to date at all!” The producers showed her the pictures of 5 electrifying male celebrities, revealing nothing but only their eyes, she was told to choose the male celebrity whom she loved the most. Ella made use of the elimination method, and slowly eliminated Jerry Huang (Huang Zhi Wei), Jacky Wu(Wu Zhong Xian), Guo Yan Jun, Blue Lan (Lan Zheng Long), and in the end, she still ended up choosing Wu Zun. Ella laughed and stared at the image of Chun, kissing the picture and at the same time, saying, “Ah Zun Zun, i miss you so much!” Yesterday, both groups, SHE and Fahrenheit, were both endorsing for for a drink, and both press conference had clashed. Selina joked boastingly, “Of course our drink will sell better! The range is wider for people who are drinking tea!” A new ring had suddenly showed up on her finger, but unfortunately, it wasn’t her rumoured previous boyfriend. “This was bought by our chairman’s wife!” translated by: babyval22 of CEFC credits: (文/林淑娟、張釔泠 圖/黃柏榮、CHANNEL[V])http://www.libertytimes.com.tw/2007/new/apr/27/today-show13.htm
omgg!! ahhhh!! so happy=D hahaa…=D=D=D

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