hmmm..its been a long long time since i last blogged…hahaa..aniway..i noe dis post has been long overdue..

aniway…sec 3 camp was fun…except dat my friends and i were all in different groups:( ohwells…

first day of the camp was really quite boring..except for the cheers though…cuz it started raining, and we couldnt do the zipline and abseiling(they made it up to us though by letting us do it on the second day)..when the rain sort of stopped,we all had telematch…

second day was super fun!!! we went kayaking n sea rafting…man, i so malu can…i fell overboard lar..n there were jellyfishes in the sea!!!….hahaa..then we had d challange rope course…i reallised dat i was actually more afraid of heights than i thought i was….hahaaa…hmm..oh yah! the CAMPFIRE was the best part of the camp!!! though the fire was abit..dead…hahaa…but it was d fun that we all had tgt that counts=D we did cheers..did our performances..and d teachers played a “game” too!! super funny…they were all blindfolded and when d music started they had to dance…whoever danced d best would get to sit back down, at the end, only ms F. was left dancing alone…hahaa..some of the teachers dance until super funny!! Mrs Lee best lah..quickly siam-ed when the trainers told the teachers to come out, she conveniently said that she had to go…n left…hahaa…

hmm..d food is ok…d planes were deafening…d “bed” sucked(it was juz a wooded floor..)BUT THE TRAINERS ROCKED!!! SO DOES ALPHA!!! =D=D=D



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