sch was extremely boring today…i practically spent d entire day reading hzgg3 the book…hahaa..

aniway..Janel was sick..she had a fever..and she didnt want to go home lah!! said she didnt wan to c doctor..cuz she dun wan to take medicine…
however, she was FORCED to go home by me n cheryl=D
we thought her father was gg to take only abt 15mins or so to get to the school…but more then 1 period later we were still in the general office waiting…so in the end office lady told us to go to the sickbay to wait…
waited in sickbay for arnd 15-20mins…lucky janel, got to slp on the bed…me n cheryl had to make do wif the chairs…at least got cushions=D
wah piang eh..janel is probably the most…”demanding” bing ren i have ever seen…she wanted us to sing song for her lah….haizz…n she still can happily choose wat song she wan….lol
aniway..almost slept while waiting…but the office lady came in n said:” Janel Lee. Your dad is here to pick you up….wahh, all sleeping ah?” hahaa…
so in total we spent chapel and PW lessons in the G.O. and sickbay…

oh wells…janel, if you r reading this…(you shldnt be aniway..cuz u shld be resting) DEN GO N SLP! N RMB TO DRINK LOTS OF WATER!!!!!


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