hmm…juz reallised i havent blogged for a long long time…=D
ok..i shall blog abt youth camp!! was quite fun…even though i only went there at night, and left in the morning…oh least the talks were at night=D
theme of the camp was missions…after this camp, i reallised dat i actually felt like going for a short term mission…(if only my mum would allow-_-, she is so contradicting lah…when she wanted me to go for a mission a few yrs back,i felt that i wasnt ready..den juz dis yr, i wanted to go for a mission, den she dun let me go-_-…)
hmm aniwayy…i reallised i spent alot of time at camp discussing abt huan zhu ge ge wif edna=D=D=D…(arghh!! i want the 3rd series!!)

okk..aniwayy.. PL GUZHENG TUAN will be having our very own concert on the 30th of June!!! Tickets are at $10 each, $25 for vip seating….proceeds will go to agape fund!!! venue will be at PL concert hall! =D=D


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