oo yeah..new blogskin=D

HARRY POTTER BOOK 7!!!! oh mann…cant wait for doreen to finish reading book!!! ahhhh!!!!! not that she has gotten hers yet…stupid postman…take so long..)= damnn…d suspense is killing me!!!

hmm..oh yah..watched harry potter 5 on tuesday…alot alot of scenes were cut off!!! argghhh!! n sirius black’s death wasnt sad at all lorr…it wasnt emo enuf..)=)= n lastly, vivocity GV seats are not comfortable at all…arghhh

PS: HAPPY RACIAL HARMONY DAY!!!! abit of an oxymoron there…considering how so many ppl died due to d racial riots on this day years ago…so it shld b happy…hmmm..wateva..LOL


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