deborah amanda audrey n i with our ginormous card to amanda=D was a very super hectic day!!! woke up a 6plus…so that i could get to church by decorate amanda’s homemade ice-cream cake..

so we used mini mnm’s to write her name on it…but in d end decided dat we couldnt read the name, so we took out d mnm’s n ate them=D den we decided to write each of d letters of her name in a different mnm colour=D=D n we added alot alot of sweets on the cake!! yummm!!!

oh n after dat, i almost died of a heart attack…cuz our birthday girl couldnt make it to church..n we all begged her…arghhh…n in d end we had to reveal PART of our surprise to her…telling her dat we had a cake for her…only THEN was she willing to come..whoahh..i almost died there-.-

aniway..on to d cake.. ehh it actually tasted quite nice okkk=D sadly, we forgot to take picture of d cake…cuz it was melting already…n *cough*deborah*cough* was still slowly walking to d breakfast table wif amanda…n me n audrey were like…frentically screaming at them to tell them to hurry!! oh wells…we were all so relieved after everyting was done lah…n den to our utter dismay..we reallised dat another fren’s birthday is coming up soon…like in 2 mths…oh mannn!!!

okayy…though we didnt take pics of the cake n all…but after amanda left, audrey deborah n i went down to d playground…a place where we hadnt stepped foot in since a very very long time ago…n we relived our childhood with lotsa pix=D there r alot more which i havent uploaded, but i only chose d nicest ones..

*chomp chomp*!! yummy deborah!!
acting emo

its tipping over…deborah n i were practically sliding off


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