so i went for d S.H.E fun party on saturday=D AHH!! ELLA N HEBE DAMNNNNN CUTE!!!!!!!! haizz..wish i could go for d autograph session ytd at IMM…boo=(
I WANT D POSTER!!!!!!!! arghhh…its time to change d torn n almost tattered s.h.e bu xiang zhang da poster in my room…not that im gonna throw it awayy…

i wish she’ll just stop touching my table decorations…and anyhow moving them around!!really feel like using superglue to glue all of d decorations to d table!!! so dat she cant move them at all….so irritating!!!! haizz..too bad i cant use d super glue idea…cuz den nx time I wont b able to change wont work either…she’ll probably still move them anyway….argghhh!!!! really dunno wat to do wif her…i’ve tried asking her NICELY to not touch them…once i even almost shouted… but she still wont listen…


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