i came back from malaysia last night=D let me start from wednesday..

after ndp celebrations in school(in which we were all super high..) i left for malaysia wif my parents n godparents…we went to desaru where we picked up my brother n his gf…sum of us decided to go horseback riding…(n i felt so cheated man…stupid horse dun wanna run…only walk..like slowpoke):…)n after dat we went to kota tinggi where we stayed wif sum relatives..
omgg d baby was DAMNN cute…we call her ah-bi..as in, short for baby….hahaa…n she likes me=D…we had a “10 course homecooked-dinner”, like we ALWAYS do whenever we go there…haha..but d food was great

we went to d crocodile farm…there was a 40-plus year old crocodile there…wah..n it was very fierce..n it was d only one dat actually “roared”….den we went to pick rambutans…but my bro n i gave up after awhile as we developed rashes…i remember singing national day songs dat day too=D den all d singaporeans watched ndp ’07 on tv, while d rest went to dunno where….hahaa…

d most most tiring day of d whole trip..we went trekking at d waterfalls…n its not ur normal bukit timah walk…its literally rock-climbing kind of trek…wah…now i really pei fu my brother man…how did he manage all these kind of stuff…n his races are like 10 times worse than this….
after d trek, we drove back to JB to eat dinner..i rmb being like super tired…n my dad insisted on finding dis particular restaurent dat we always eat at…lol…but it was worth it..d food was great! after dinner…we went for a little walk…n me, my brother n his gf started singing national day songs again…hahaa…n after dat we came back to lovely Singapore!!

my whole body is still aching now……

i’ll try to post d pix as soon as i get them from my brother…n there are really alot of them..


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