omg..i really hate her!! she is sooo damn irritating!! from d first time i set my eyes on her, i knew dat i wouldnt like her at all..n i was proven right..
she NEVER tells us when we would b having our zuo wens n lian bis..other class teachers tell their students like 1 wk b4 a compo..but she tells us only on dat day itself?!?! wth lah…
n den nx wk we haf an oral exam, she only told us today…
n some very unpleasant things happened ytd n today…cos a few wks ago we did a zuo wen, n i passed it up alrdy..but last wk she INSISTED dat i did not, dat she couldnt find my she
made me redo it again..n she made it seem as if it was MY fault dat SHE lost my unreasonable pls….at first i didnt want to redo at all lor…but ytd she forced me to do it during her class.i felt so stressed up n irritated with her dat i actually almost cried(i teared abit).so anyway, i finished it last nite, n i passed it up to her dis morning…n u noe wat?? she had d cheek to come up to me during chinese class dis morning with BOTH of my zuo wen..n ask me(in chinese)”y u pass up 2 of d same zuo wen?” wth dat point i really really felt like saying d f word straight to her face lah! dat was how angry n upset with her i was..


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