ok…i’ve decided to go on a temporary hiatus…until my exams are over that is..which is in term4 wk2…which is also abt 3 wks from now, not counting dis wk=D

so JIAYOH!!! must really pull up my socks for d end of yrs…my term3 grades sucks lah..esp my amaths…is fail daooo~~ damn lah…term2 amaths fail, term3 amaths oso fail…term1 cant rmb le…but i hope its a pass..lol..haizz…
lol…ok..but yay, at least i passed my emaths=D=D

ok..so c u guys in 3 wks time!!!!

ps: if u c me online within this 3 wks, pls shoo me off, n remind me of my terrible grades=D




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