haiz..juz reallised dat mediacorp likes to remake old videos… first there was Rising Expectations(1990s), which was remade to The Beginning(2007)…and then there was Falling in love(2007) that was a remake of You Are the One(2005).. n all of the remakes are collaborations between Malaysia’s NTV n Singapore’s Mediacorp..and they are all filmed in Malaysia..

You Are the One(2005):
from left to right:
second sister Hao Meili, eldest sister Hao Meiman, youngest sister Hao Meide
and father Hao Shunli
haha, actually, i remember liking dis show quite alot..i rmb me n my cousins creating accounts in habbohotel, n naming them after d chars in d show…hahaa..
Falling in Love(2007):
from left to right:
eldest sister Zheng Zishan with bf Herman, youngest sister Zheng Zisi with bf Wang Lizhe, second sister Zheng Zihui with bf Tom
haha..actually i didnt make the connection between the 2 shows until cheryl told me..but we forgot which show it was…until it suddenly hit me last nite..so i checked chn 8 website dis morning n there it was! haa

The Beginning(2007):
from left to right:
Shi Jianing, Shi Tingli, Fang Yucheng and Tie Dongliang(aka Tie Tou)
well, i couldnt find any pictures of Rising Expectations from mediacorp, so well…haha..aniway..i dont really remember dat show cuz i was so young when it aired..lol


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