went to c doctor dis afternn..didnt go for cca today…
wah..doctor gif me alot alot of pills…n even gave me one BOTTLE of cough medicine…ewww..i dun like liquid medicine!!! so..YUCKSS!! n d “best” thing is..2 of these medicines cause drowsiness…so i dunno how im gonna survive sch tmr…summore is MATHS lesson…haa..but i got mc for pe=D..lol, i tink i’ll juz fall aslp…haa..
aniway..after taking medicine juz now, i fell aslp..damn shiok! only thing was d weather..SO HOTTT!!! cuz doctor say cannot on aircon..so i open window n rm door…n i didnt even use my blanket..n when i woke up, which was abt 1/2 an hr ago.. i was sweating like mad…haa


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