watched love bond episodes 21 n 22 on juz now…oh my..cried n laughed like mad lahh! so sadd d jiang ge n kaixin! budden d san ge n meili parts damn funny too! haizz..i wish mediacorp didnt put love bond at d 10pm slot every nite…wish it was at 7pm…den i can watch…haa..

went for dental appointment ytd morning…took d teeth mold n xray n all…d teeth mold dammnnn disgusting lah!!! so yuckss!!! my nx appointment is in december…dats when d dentist’s gonna extract FOUR teeth!!! ahhh!!! im SOO gonna request for general anaesthetic!! make me slp through d whole thing! hahaa

anyway..gonna haf to get ready soon…nx to reach sch by 2pm..haven change yet..haizz..gonna b another long day today..founder’s day celebration today..performing tonite..actually wanted to go out wif fele n cas for dinner n den library after d celebration..budden performing for founders day cannot..haizzz..sad case..gonna play yao zu wu qu..d killer song…y cant he juz let us play ku er ban lahh!! sommore we zheng3 only got 4 ppl…none of us can catch up wif d super fast part of yao zu wu time at least got sec not so bad..HAIZZZ

deborah juz asked if sunday wanna go out anot…cuz their exams over alrdy…haizz but dun really feel like gg out lehh…no mood…haiyahh sunday den c how lahh!


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