watched eps 28 to 30(which is also d last ep) of love bond dis morning…SO NICEE!!!! haa..i love love LOVE dis show!!! gonna start watching d show from d beginning..haaa.cuz i missed d first half of d show…only watched eps 21 onwards…anyway..i reallised its quite gd to watch d cantonese version without eng first i tot i wouldnt b able to understand..haa..but got chinese(traditional) actually its quite okay..sommore can learn abit of cantonese on d way..haa
wanna watch the last breakthrough oso!!! but d ppl haven upload finish yet:( boo…

sianz..wanted my mummy to bring me go cut hair today…not cut lah..juz layer(its damn thick okayy!) n cut d fringe shorter(no not bangs!)..but she say today public holiday, maybe not tmr after church den go=D

gonna go to winson’s hs later for dinner..haa..cuz d adults wanna sing karaoke…oh gonna b damn noisy again lahs!! haa..


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