haiz…in winson’s hs now…wahh..his keyboard is d ultimate lah…d keys damnnn hard to press!! haa..now i noe y cas juz now complain abt d keyboard le..haa

winson cas n roy playing some PS2 racing car game…but i suck at it…so decided to come n use com…hahaa…

wahh..stomach damn pain juz now…n my aunty is unsympathetic lahh…juz now dinner say stomach pain..den she say i waste my rice, ne4 eat finish….haiz…..

n claudia is becoming more n more like royston…n dats NOT a gd thing……….

Okays, im going to join my cousins to play ps1 now. Last of all, I LOVE CASELYN WONG PEI QI.
(dis last sentence is typed by caselyn….haa…


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