haa..today’s PE self-protection class was SUPER fun!!! there was one part where we had to put on helmets and take a (padded)stick…and we were split into 2 grps..so we juz had to WHACK ppl from d opposing grp, n if you got whacked, you had to squat down…(but the helmets stank!)..so at first dere was dis team that kept winning…so in d end d instructors took them on..den in d nx round, there were 10 pl lites against 5 instructor guys..but we still lost.haa..d last round was damn funny…20 pl lites against 6 instructors…of course they lost…
haizz..so sad, janel was sick, so couldnt play wif us…so funnn!!!

heh..anyway..there’s this very shuai instructor…even doreen thinks so too…haaa..


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