haaa..juz a short update now..
ytd went to help my brother in some race thing wif fele n cas…got slightly sunburnt…haa..
anywayy..shall tell u abt my “job”..d first part of d day i was serving drinks…quite boring..haa..den after dat i went to “paste stickers”..like d racers were given cards, so everytime dey pass the checkpoint, den i had to paste a sticker on their card..n some of d racers were damn funny and kancheong lahh…dere was dis ang moh guy..he gave me his card, n b4 i cld stick d sticker on it, he snatched it back n den ran off…haa..wateva…
ohh..n if u ask me wat i liked most abt ytd, its d african drums!! haa..there was dis grp of ppl who played d african drums..n d rythms were dammmnnnn nice!!!!! haaa

okayy..gtg now=D


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