yayy!!! haa..gg wild wild wet tmr wif sec 3 gz ppl!!! haha..so excited=D…n i finally like plucked up courage to ask my parents lah, cuz i was like 80% sure that they wouldnt agree..
so this was how i asked my parents abt it:

(ytd afternn, walking towards hs wif dad),
Me: daddy, dis thursday can i go www?
Dad: wif who?
Me: ermm…d sec 3 gz ppl lor..
Dad: you want to go den u go lor..

haa…at dis point, i was like “whoa.” he so nice..haa den,

Dad: but ehh..nx yr o lvls le..still whole day play play play..better go n study k
Me: yah i noe i noe
Dad: ya rite, you know…………

n den i quickly ran into my room juz in case he changed his mind=D

n den wif my mum,
(just, like 5 mins ago, in an sms) haa.i decided to ask her abt friday’s high tea wif val n arielle too..abit risky, cuz she might juz reject both..haaa.

Me: wat time u coming hm?
Mum: dunno yet leh..y?
Me: haa..miss you mahh..anywayyy..tmr im gg to www wif d sec 3 gz girls, i asked dad, he say can….n den on friday, valarie’s mum bringing us out for high tea to celebrate val’s bday…can?
Mum: k

YES! i finally did it mann…after days of debating when i shld ask them, i finally did it!!!
okayy..but i nd to start studying too…haizzzz..y muz o lvls b nx yr??????


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