okayyy..im back=D but im still so tired….haaa…woke up at like 11+ dis morning…which considering dat i usually wake up at 8+, its damn late le…hahaa..even though i bathed n even washed my hair twice, i still smell of chlorine n my hair is still soo dry……=(

okayy..so ytd went to meet fiona, grace, huishan, jinle, and yiying at 9.30AM!! haha..n fiona’s mum drove us to www… sat at the kopitiam there till 11am…ate some food whilst waiting for the rest to arrive..den after dat, we moved to d macs…n waited for time to past…..to 1pm, when www would FINALLY open…hahaa….d first thing dat we chionged to was d ularlah…haa n throughout d day we sat d ularlah like 9352834593569185 times! n it was d very last ride dat we sat on too=D ..n den i sat d samsung slide up twice wif yiying…hahaa..dat was damn scaryyy..i screamed both times..hahaaa…oh then d was d waterworks(i sat each twice..), d shiok river(which we went through countless of times…), and the TSUNAMI pool=D=D(which we went to many times too=D), n lastly there was d yakult thing….hahaa..d first time i sat d water completely missed me:( haha…

haa okayy..i gtg now…gg out wif val n arielle=D

ouchhh..my muscles are achinggg..


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