hii!! im back=D hahaa..phillipines was fun..well actually i didnt do much there except watch lots of disney cartoons on dvd…ohohh n i watched John Tucker Must Die..hehh..been dying to watch that man…cuz che che lovely is pregnant n all, so didnt go out alot…haha..well we went out on Sunday though…went shopping=D..(no janel, i didnt buy a watch..HAA…totally forgot bout it..by the time i rmbed, i didnt haf any money left:P), n den went to watch d movie ENCHANTED! haaa..it was really really nice! haha..i love happily ever afters=D hahaa..

hehh..oh n im ne4 gonna sit a budget airplane again! its like so small can! haizz…hehh..but the most “exciting” exp i had on d plane was when i my mp3 decided to play Top Gun’s “Highway to the Danger Zone”….d feeling is..scary, but at the same time quite exciting..hahaa u really shld try it man..

oh..n got like 3 scratches from “escaping” from d dogs..hehh..but i survived=D hahaaa

oh..n i juz reallised dat gz exam was like dis sat/sun…..great…didnt haf alot of time to prepare for it…cuz i didnt reallise it would come so soon..lol…oh wells…jiayou to me=D

okayy im gonna go watch my show now…


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