okayy…i noe its dammnnn long since i last blogged…almost a month actuallyy….

school’s started 4 abt 2 wks alrdy…few yays n boos:

yay #1: i FINALLY changed my chinese teacher!!! therefore i promise to work really hard for chinese this yr..n try not to piss my teacher off, n she will therefore not make life difficult for me like a CERTAIN chinese teacher dat i noe..

yay #2: no more homeroom system! which means no more lugging of bags arnd d ENTIRE sch! n as of tmr, 4b2 classroom will b on d 2nd floor of F block=D (used to b on d 4th floor of C block d first 2 wks..so im quite contented wif this now:)

yay #3: my form teacher=my math teacher= a very funny guy! i dun wish to b banded for maths dis yr!

boo #1: i got mrs … as my lit teacher dis yr…….i seem to b forever stuck wif her….oh wells…4a1 more suay…form teacher for all 4 yrs…hahaa

boo #2: …. …. for geog! my gdness…she really speaks dammnnnnn slow…bored to death during her lesson..

boo #3: no more homeroom system, which means no xtra 5mins to walk from class to class, which means dat we cant walk super slowly, n miss like 5-10mins of lessons:( ohwells..i suppose its quite good for us since its o lvl yr…n we shldnt b missing any lessons..

boo #4: had amath test on thursday…haizzzz

well dats abt all…i think..

ohh..n guess wat, for cca fair ytd, we played huang fei hong-nan er dang zi qiang like 12 TIMES! my arm was seriously acheing after dat…but i suppose it was worth it…arnd 30 sec1s signed up…much more den last yr..hahaa


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