okayy..Mr Lim juz managed to “wake” me up to d fact dat time passes really fast..

he gave us this O lvl booklet dat gives info on..O lvl(duh!) n told us dat in 2 wks time we wld start registering for O lvls…..
it was then dat i reallised dat term 1 was almost over…dat soon i wld be taking prelims, den Os!!! arghh! so scaryy!! okayy muz start studying soon liaos…..

thing is, i dont even noe where to start…sec1 to sec3 was juz play all day, n studying super last min…d last time i rmb actually studying was like in p6?!?! when mummy made me sit infront of her n do assessment bks….

Mr Lim likes to refer to himself as the 3rd person…just like Hunter Tomlinson,aka B-DAD, in The Devil Wears Prada…..hahaa..

im scared..


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